Saturday, May 12, 2007

Injustice in the NT

More on the McArthur River issue.
The events in Parliament and the courts over the past couple of weeks have been a great opportunity for our government to prove themselves worthy leaders and they have failed disgracefully!
If there was ever a time to test the metal of our members of parliament, an issue such as this would have to be it. When presented with an opportunity to act in the interests of their citizens and environment and to lay down binding safeguards for the future of the territory they have chosen to roll over to the will of a mining company and forsake the future of those people who are closest to the land they are selling out!
Why? Why submit so easily? Why disregard the people and the rights of all Territorians so freely? Why was their a split in the party over this issue and why was it only the indigenous members of parliament who opposed this decision, a decision which holds the supreme court, the environment and the people of the Northern Territory in absolute contempt?
The members who crossed the floor on this issue aught to be commended by all Australians. They stood up for democracy, human rights and the laws which are meant to defend each and every one of us. They did this in the face of their own Party's indifference and beligerance. I hope we all remember their courage. However I am worried that the split along ethnic lines has revealed the true interests of the majority within our government.
If they do not see what they have done as an attack on the rights of all Territorians then they obviously must value the rights of indigenous people less than those of the rest of us! Various displays of governments apathy and a general disregard for the pleas made by various delegations from Borroloola make this appear to be the case.

What is the deal with altering legislation retrospectively anyway? If the Government are going to go back and re-visit the past they should remember the golden rule of time travel. LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH! This is the general mandate that governs our business with the past. The consequences of interference have been demonstrated by all our favorite time traveler heroes from Homer Simpson to Doctor Who?!

As the lyrics from Bob Dylan's 'Clean cut Kid' go:
"They said what's up is down, they said what isn't is
They put ideas in his head he thought were his"
They took a clean cut Bill.... and they made a noose out of it that's what they did!
(my own little improvisation)

Although Territorians still appear to have their heads in the sand over this issue there are people of conscience watching and taking note. Check out what Jon Tippett QC from the Bar Association had to say on Northern Territory Stateline last night:
Bar Association Condemns NT Government

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