Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rosella Season

Today I was bombarded with messages I'd left to myself at about this time last year. The message was simple and direct. It's Rosella season! Get them early before it's too late!!

Rosella and frog
A small tree frog on a rosella bush

Well it wasn't exactly this time last year as I recall. It was late May or early June and I'd just made my first batch of Rosella Jam! Oh the lovely tart flavour of lightly cooked Rosella Jam with not too much sugar and just enough natural pectin to hold the lot together. As I recall it was a huge success and a total fluke that the jam turned out so well. If only I'd collected the Rosellas just a couple of weeks earlier, I would have had enough to make more than three small jars!
I think they must all ripen within a couple of weeks of each other and should be picked straight away, last time I picked too late. This time it will be different!
So the message is on the wall and the computer screen, the mobile phone, my diary, well I think I left messages everywhere actually. So this Saturday is Rosella picking day! No what ifs, no buts no sleep-ins! The girls are coming with me and we will collect the rosellas! and I will make the jam and it will be good! So let it be written; so let it be done!


Ian said...

Delicious; a much under rated ?fruit. Not only makes great jam but if you're out bush and gettin' thirsty, just chew up a couple of the fruit petals and bingo... saliva plus :-)

David J said...

Yep I'd have to agree with you on that Ian.
Last dry season I did a bit of a long ride and got really thirsty. I ended up chewing on some Rosellas and felt invigerated. Somehow I felt like I had more energy, maybe the tangy flavour woke me up a bit.