Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well that intrepid, wacky adventurer Anthony Mann is wrapping up his bicycle tour of Australia. According to his most recent generic email to a long list of friends and supporters he has visited Uluru, I presume he didn't climb. (If you go there please DON'T CLIMB THE ROCK!) He is about to leave Alice headed back to Tassie. Check out his diary on the website and add a comment to his guest book if you're interested.

Anthony Mann OzByBike reaches Uluru and the center
(photo by: Anthony Mann)

"The 12 month anniversary has come and gone, and I've racked up over 22,000 kms. I'm in Alice Springs at the moment – which means I've nearly reached number 6 of my 7 goals, the Lambert Centre of Australia, with only the lowest point (Lake Eyre, SA) to go after that before I complete the '7 extremes'." Anthony Mann (email)
If you're interested in long distance cycling this is for you. But even if you're not, have a read and a laugh while Anthony shares his outback and city adventures, some funny some harrowing but all extremely entertaining and written in Anthony's very own style click on a link and have a look at OzByBike
Extreme heat, little water, the dust the flies, thrills and spills...! (How did he ever make it this far?)

Anthony, possibly after a meal of sticky flies
(photo by: Anthony Mann)

On a more serious note, the ride does have a purpose. Anthony hopes to encourage people to consider environmentally sustainable transport options. By cycling around the whole country he challenges us all to consider if we really need the car to make those less distant journeys, like going to the corner shop to work or school. It is possible to cycle vast distances on a bicycle and once you're in the habit it can prove a more practical, healthy, enjoyable and social way of getting around your own neighborhood.

Anyway if you do nothing else please checkout OzByBike and have a look at Anthony's video at the Media center page Here it's well worth the effort of clicking on a link. :)

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