Friday, February 15, 2008

Aboriginal Education

Finally! I managed to hear a snipit of news today.
Some time between changing nappies and preparing dinner I heard that the Federal government was going to move full swing into "Aboriginal Education". All I can say is Bravo!
It's about time we learned something about the ways of this land. Where are our names? What is our moiety? What do we know of the creation stories of our own country? Aboriginal Education should have been a mandatory subject for every Balanda that ever arrived here. Then every Native born Australian, regardless of the ethnicity of their parents could truly call themselves an Australian!

Ohh and there was something mentioned about mandatory schooling for 4 year olds but I think this must have been one of those paternal policies linked to the stolen generations. We are currently experiencing the trauma of introducing our, nearly, 4 year old to the Pre-School system and finding it a rather unsatisfying experience. I wonder what early childhood education will be like for 4 year olds in Yirrkala or Milingimbi? I hope it's not just another 'assimilate them while they're young' attempt.

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