Sunday, February 24, 2008

Row n Roll

The New Inventors
7:30 ABC 2 Saturday 23 February

Dr Boris Gregorievich Tarasov with his 'Row and Roll'
(photos courtesy of Dr Tarasov)

Row and Roll in action
(photos courtesy of Dr Tarasov)

The Row & Roll
On the New Inventors last night Professor Boris Grigorievich Tarasov showed his amazing Row and Roll bike. Essentially the invention is a bike that the rider moves by using the same motion as a person would if they were rowing a boat.
He claimed it could produce speeds over 100 kmh. The bike which is ridden in the recumbent position, uses a telescopic rod to move mechanisms for steering while transfering energy to the rear wheel. The invention did not win. The panel did not appear to consider it very practical. However shouldn't more credit should go to people who are prepared to experiment with alternatives to motorized transport? Maybe the New Inventors could have a special category for inventions that address the problems of global warming?

As far as the Row and Roll is concerned, I'd give it a go.

Confined to house all I have to blog about is what I saw on TV!


Cookiemouse said...

100 kmh on a bike in Amsterdam would be fun, but I think I would get a ticket, and the bike would be stolen in no time.

David J said...

I think the 100 kmh was under lab conditions. I'd hate to come a cropper at that speed! Must be a combination of a flat smooth surface and gear ratios...