Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This morning as I was sitting at my work desk, about to begin the morning ritual of logging on, checking email, updating record etc... etc... I received a call from my wife. It was early and I'd only just arrived at work, so naturally I suspected there was something wrong at home.
The tone in her voice was heavier than usual which worried me a little more. I quizzed her straight away. "What's wrong?" "What is it?"

She replied with an air of disbelief and shock, "The Prime Minister is saying 'Sorry' on TV right now!"
It was 7:45 am! I knew it was on the agenda but being busy looking after 2 young kids has totally prevented me from following any news outside of what pre-school we can turn to when we're not happy with the one we're at or how long can you keep fresh milk out of the fridge and does that apply when you've already warmed it!

Oh... in case you are not Australian or don't know what the Sorry is for. Basically it is an apology from the Federal Government for the policies of previous years which oversaw the removal of children from Aboriginal mothers. The policies were responsible for the fracturing of aboriginal communities, the separation of children from their natural families and the various forms of abuse, neglect, displacement and general harm resulting from the actions involved in their removal. The children who were removed are commonly known as The Stolen Generations and as the name implies the removal process spanned across generations for most of the 20th century. (This is my very rushed and poorly researched understanding)

So I furiously and fruitlessly ran around looking for a TV, found none, spat the dummy and ended up tuning in to the ABC's online podcast of the historic event.
On the whole the apology was quite eloquently made. Of course the opposition leader Mr Brendan Nelson responded with a general lack of tact or understanding choosing to preach a rather irrelevant history lesson in some kind of attempt to negate the appropriateness of the apology. It seems his place history will be gladly forgot. However I must commend the previous Prime Minister Mr Howard for his show of good taste in not showing up at the great event. Stick to your guns Mr Howard and watch the country unite without you.

Anyway I've got heaps on and have to fly.

Here's a link...

(apologies for any inconsistencies in this post it was a 10 minute rush job on a subject that seriously deserves much much more time to consider)

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