Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bike Writers 'Cyclists Bill of Rights'

Bikeblog 'that very informative, yet often confrontational bicycle activist blog from New York City' had a very interesting post yesterday.

The post titled Cyclists in LA formulate a bill of Rights refers to a Cyclists Bill of Rights that was formulated by a group called Bike Writers Collective.

Oh and while I'm on it there's another story here at C.I.C.L.E

What an excelent idea! In the few years I have lived in Darwin I have unfortunately observed some truly atrocious handling of road and town planning that not only ignore the existence or rights of cyclists but actually put cyclists lives in greater peril. There have also been deaths of cyclists on NT roads that were clearly the result of negligent driving but the drivers were not held accountable for the result of their actions! In one case a man crossing the road was hit by a speeding driver. Apparently the driver was let off because, (and this is how I heard it in the media) lots of people speed and don't have serious accidents, therefore he can't be responsible for the death! Now I wasn't in the court that day and I haven't read the transcript, yet, but I would say that's the biggest load of crap I ever heard!

It is definitely time for our communities to re-assess the rights of their citizens. The safety and wellbeing of our fellow human beings must take priority over any perceived right of an automobile.

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