Saturday, February 16, 2008

How much can we do?

Just another thought on this current attempt to intervene in the lives of Indigenous people in the Northern Territory.

Somehow all these grand plans and massive projects to transform communities from an atrocious state of disrepair and dysfunction into a more acceptable state of existence are, as history may show, destined to failure.

I think the answer lies in the following quote:
"We can do no great things - only small things with great love"
Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

Politicians are inclined to want to do great things. Thinking this will elevate them in the books of history as great men or women. They may be right about that. However the greatest changes must surely come from the smallest actions of individuals. The way we treat our neighbor or someone in need, how we talk to or about each other, what we are prepared to sacrifice in order for others to live with an equal amount of dignity and honor. With love and humility we may be able to right the wrongs we have inherited and create a better future for the generation we are raising.

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