Sunday, August 06, 2006


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I have just 'released' a book using my account on the Bookcrossing website. (By released I mean let go - I did not write or publish this book)
The book I released was Bunji: A Story of the Gwalwa Daraniki Movement, by Bill Day.
It is a story of the Land Rights strugle of the Larrakia People and gave me a good introduction to the place I had chosen to live in nine years ago.

I bought three copies of this book with the intention of passing two on to people I thought might be interested. As I still had the two extra copies I thought it would be a great book to liberate and begin my Bookcrossing acount.

I left the book discretely on a bookcase at a local Backpackers Hostel and hope that it will soon be found. It is a book that may loose it's relevance the further from Darwin it is taken so I am hoping that it manages to be read by people visiting the hostel. A book like this may provide visitors to Darwin a far broader perspective on Darwin's cultural history than they can expect to find written in most of the guff usually found in a backpackers bookcase.

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