Friday, August 18, 2006

Oz By Bike

There’s so much happening at the moment I just don’t have the time to do or see a fraction of what I’d like to. I still haven’t filled out the 2006 Census!
I recently heard about a project called OZ By Bike (6 months into the journey!)

“OzByBike is a demonstration of how sustainable transport can be used as an alternative to polluting and costly ways of getting around. On the 11th February 2006, Anthony Mann set off on his 30,000 km expedition around and throughout Australia to spread his message: that travelling like this is one of the healthiest, most environmentally-friendly and sustainable forms of transport that exists.” (Oz By Bike home page)

Check out his website; OzByBike it’s great and there are some fantastic photos.

Anthony is an amazing character (you can check out his CV on the website) and has managed to put into words and action exactly what I’ve been contemplating for the past ten years or more. Thank goodness there are people out there who have the courage to realize their dreams! It is obvious that a collective consciousness is growing that knows there is a better solution to movement and transport than what we currently have. Good on you Anthony!

Reclaim your feet

He’ll be in Darwin next week and there will be a bit of a meet organized to mark the occasion. What a bummer I’ll be out of town! But if you want to show your support get on down to the Jingly Water Gardens at 10 am on Sunday the 27 August.


Today (Friday 18th August) is the 71st anniversary of the release of cane toads in Australia and Toad Busters are holding the Toad Audit night for the top end.
Apparently the dry season conditions make this the peak “ToadBusting” period. So they’re asking everyone in the Darwin area to go out and find toads wherever they may be lurking. Remember there are approved methods for catching and disposing of Cane Toads.
For more information contact:

Graeme Sawyer
Frogwatch joint coordinator

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