Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good or Bad?
What is luck? Like what can I consider as good or what can I think of as a bad thing?
I don't know! I am currently reading a book called 'On the Edge of a Dream: Magic and madness in Bali, by Michael Wiese. So I have been temporarily transported into the world of malevolent and benevolent spirits, which I am inclined to believe whole-heartedly (at times).
Yesterday I went to a fete and passed up two excellent SLR cameras, about which I have had regret induced nightmares and was still kicking myself over this morning! There was a Canon T170 and a Canon EOS 1000F both with good lenses and both very cheap! The T170 was $20 and the EOS was $40! The problem was that our budget is really low and I’ll soon be heading to Bali so was riddled with guilt about spending more money, even though the cameras were an absolute steal. There are so many reasons I could have used to justify buying at least the EOS but for some reason I felt really guilty about it so ended up leaving them both behind. Two reasons for not getting them was that I am already expecting a camera related bill. Canon wants to charge us $50 for a quote on fixing our digital camera, which has a manufacturing flaw; and we had planned a trip out to a local Billabong today which would cost about $30 in fuel, meaning that the budget had already been well and truly blown!
So I’ve been sulking about the cameras for the past two days and am still trying to reconcile myself with the decision/ hesitation. I did go back on Saturday to buy the EOS but it had been sold!
Sam reminded me that I don’t have room for another camera because I still have an old one that I should have thrown out ages ago. She was right! There is some kind of bad luck that comes with hoarding stuff. I didn’t get the camera because I hadn’t made room for it. Spiritual room I mean. I still had the last camera I got which was exactly the same, (but broken). I needed to get rid of that camera, pass it on or throw it out before I can get another one. It makes perfect sense to me.

Gouldian Finches
Another example of this spiritual rule happened to me this morning. Sam and I had decided to go to a local spot about 120 km from home to see if we could spot some Gouldian finches. All my life I’ve wanted to see these beautiful birds in the wild. So off we went at 5:30 am. We arrived at the park just on dawn and quickly set off for the billabong. I had to carry my SLR camera, the tripod and video camera and in a pack on my back I had our daughter. I was truly loaded, overloaded in fact. We had been walking for about fifteen minutes when, amazingly, we spotted some Gouldian’s. It was as if they just flew straight to us for a visit (a quick visit).
I had too much gear and had to act quickly. The weight of the backpack slowed me down! The long zoom lens of my camera kept banging against the tripod as I tried to get some film of the birds. I couldn’t take a photo because I didn’t have anywhere to put the video camera! I was in a pickle and missed out on getting any shots of even one bird. They soon became impatient with my awkward display and left.
I had too much stuff in my hands! I wanted everything! The photos and the video. If I’d left one of those things behind, maybe I could have got a shot of the birds.

Now was this good or bad? Well I have decided that by not buying the other camera, which by the bounds of this spiritual rule I would have to declare that I didn’t really need anyway, I have been blessed with the sighting of wild Gouldian finches which I have dreamt of for many years. I hope this experience has taught me some kind of lesson and will remind me to be grateful for what I have been given. Whether this was a matter of luck I can't say. I was very fortunate to see the birds and will try keep the tally even when I think I want something. In Bali there may be no qustion about this issue; God has a part in everything?

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