Sunday, February 19, 2012

Geting radical

At play with devils...

Don't be alarmed! It's only a book... I'm not about to go out and stock up on 'Brown rice and kerosine!'

What I like about this book... Well I like the Type set used on the cover... And if the prologue is anything to go by I am really going to enjoy reading this book!
Sometimes when I'm scrounging through piles of books at the tip shop or an opp shop I am lucky and find a real gem! Mostly children's books but last week I discovered this classic at the Church Opp Shop in Cummins Street! As I read through the prologue I just knew I was meant to find this book! Whether or not I can find a practical application for it isn't really the point. It is a portal to a reality we've been brainwashed out of thinking can even exist. If Orwell's hapless protagonist, Winston, had discovered this book he would have stashed it away and read it in secret when he thought no one was watching! Well thankfully treasures like this can still be found and read, pondered and put to good use... in dice games with devils, heroes and fools!

Reading the prologue I realize how messed up we have now become. Alinski talks about the overwhelming amount of information that young people have to deal with... This book was written in 1971! Imagine if he'd been plonked down in 2012!
I remember reading that in the frightening dystopia of 1984 information would be recalled and republished in order to alter the public's perception of history, or even current events. Well in 2012 it's much easier to alter documents, which are stored online but there's no need! Good information can simply buried in plain view under a plethora of useless information, which we are bombarded with daily. Short attention spans and no training in critical thinking has eliminated the need to fool us into believing lies... The perfect solution was not to hide the lies... Better to remove the public's interest in discerning truth from lie...
Who Cares...Right!

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