Saturday, February 25, 2012


Things are really kicking off down at the Mulch Pit!

The Mulch Pit is the community garden, we've been plodding away with over the past... er I think two years... Down at Nightcliff Uniting Church, Cummins Street. Rapid Creek.

People come and go from active service in the garden but since Daniel the Garden Coordinator (For want of a better word) arrived we've really enjoyed some great garden activities and the space is really getting that lived in and well loved feel about it!
Here's the latest initiative.. Onfootfoods! Personally I'd prefer to deliver by bicycle but you can't fault the good sense of buying food which was grown and picked just a short walk from the store you bought it at! 

  Food grows here!

what is onfootfoods?

Well...we are local, actually, pretty much residential. 
Our growing systems strive to be active in food metres rather than food miles.
Our growing system is approximately 816 steps from where it is harvested to this very yeah
we deliver our fresh, nutrient-dense produce on foot.

Our growing media (soil) is from locally sourced vegetation and animal by products.  our "dirtiliser",
liquid compost we use keeps the plants and system in healthy balance mostly from onsite ingredients.

We trust you will enjoy your produce grown by onfootfoods and look forward to your support of this
very, very local entity that is supported by themulchpit community garden.

onfootfoods....... being active in the change,
                         one step at a time.

tip toe a tip tap on the

this project was launched on the new moon in february 2012.
                                                                most auspicious.
 (Words thanks to Danial Sheridan)

 A Place to sit... It's much shadier now!

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