Saturday, February 04, 2012

More coincidences

Ok usually when I'm surfing close to the edge of the reef (this is just a metaphor I can't actually surf.. yet), I am inclined to seek something to guide my decisions, help me choose a course of action or just a sign that the apparent futility I am facing is not the universe telling me to jump off!

At times like this the air always seems to be thick with coincidences (if I have my eyes open). I don't usually talk about these things but am enjoying jabbering away here where it's pretty safe (when I last looked at my stats there were zero page visits over the course of a week... That makes publishing online a pretty safe place to hide all those secret thoughts and be confident no one will ever discover them! LOL!). I wouldn't want any cynics to start explaining why I'm deluded, I'm already acquainted with that side of my personality.

Anyway here's a few coincidences, some that happened after the shocking coincidence of having posted a story on my blog that the very next day wound up being not too different from a statement I had to make to the Police! (weird!) This will not seem too special to you but I take what I can get!

Last night we happened to watch the film The Men Who Stare at Goats. We were only a few minutes into the movie when Ewen McGregor says within a few words of each other.... "...Wake-up call.." and even more freakishly, because I don't think I've ever heard this term before, he actually said...  "Memento mori"! I can't f-ing believe it! I'd just been meditating on those two ideas and there I am listening to them being repeated to me in a movie! It's a pretty freaky movie too! The crazy thing is I didn't go seeking out this movie because I'm in that sort of a mood. A friend had just happened to leave it for us to watch a couple of weeks ago and Sam just happened to suggest it on the spur of the moment because the kids were actually in bed at a reasonable time! It freaked me out!

Then this morning for no obvious reason I picked up a book from the shelf.. I actually sought it out, for some reason it just came to my mind.The Plague by Albert Kamu. I had started reading it a couple of years ago but I found it a bit heavy and it was lost under a pile of other books I'd intended to read. Actually I probably picked it up again because somewhere in the back of my mind the idea erupted that there were a lot of similarities between how I've been thinking lately and the 'absurdity' within that story... anyway I haven't read it for ages so won't try to unravel how my thoughts and the book are connected or if they even are. However on the back page of the book there was a quote worth noting. "Our townsfolk were like everybody else; wrapped up in themselves..."  (Albert Kamu, The Plague)...

But where to from here?

Now I'm not going to start gabbing on about how what I write appears to come true, that would be really dumb, I just want to acknowledge life can dish up some pretty freaky coincidences. There are no coincidences. What meaning to I draw from this particular experience? The Universe has a sense of humor! I guess... Oh and maybe a timely reminder to WAKE UP!

I love it when things like this happen! It's a great diversion from wondering if pharmaceutical companies invented the Wiggles in order to increase the sale of anti psychotic medication!

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