Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A creek a day 1: Maribyrnong River

 (Erratum: Original posting named the waterway as the Merri Creek. I had been at Merri Creek later in the day and intended to write about that first... To much haste in writing. Sorry)
While in Melbourne I have set myself a few challenges. Well not really challenges but activities that I think will add value to my life and an opportunity to explore some of Melbourne's pretty awesome wild spaces and waterways. Each day I will try to visit one 'creek' in the greater Melbourne area (including surrounding towns) I intend to travel mostly by bicycle.
The bike I'll be riding posed on the Maribyrnong River ford at Brimbank Park

There's plenty of other stuff I'd like to post about, I'll do my best and write when I can. Unfortunately not everything I have come here to do is fun stuff, I will respectfully not be writing about everything.

Day 1. Maribyrnong River

I arrived at Tullamarine at midnight and graciously accepted a lift and cozy place to sleep, on the couch at my sister and brother in law's place in Kealba. Next morning after an awesome breakfast of bacon, eggs, spinach, tomato and philli cheese, I hung out with my nephews for a while and was lucky to wish the eldest luck and blessings for his first day at school. 

Although you can't see the water from this view, that valley in the background is the Maribyrnong River
From there all I had to do was roll down the hill and pretty soon I was in Brimbank park and fording the upper Maribyrnong River.

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