Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The ways we stay the same

One…. Chance at forgiveness

One…. Chance to forget

There’s that bitter taste of morning

Another chance to try again

Two rings sit on the dresser

They Don’t shine like they used to do

But the sand is warming on the beach now

I hear an ocean of longing, calling out our names

You stand alone at the kitchen window

Three tears fall like ripened grain

One last swim in the ocean

Dive deep, escape years of pain

Sun is shining through the water

Could youth be with us again?

My God I can feel the freedom

And I wish you’d feel the same

But you’re dragged down by the waiting

Waiting for me to look your way

And my eyes are on the horizon

And I’ve thrown it all away

Salty drops fall tired and regretful 
On a miserably sunny day
You know that I do love you

But I could never live that way

(The Loser)

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