Thursday, February 09, 2017

A creek a day 10: Yarra River

Today I finally caught up with an old mate and we went for a ride along The Yarra River.

Yarra River - From the bridge @ Diamond Creek trail Lower Eltham Park
Having traveled back and forth across the city I'd caught glimpses of the river from the train but until now I haven't actually spent any time around the Yarra in the whole two weeks I've been here.

We commenced our ride at Lower Eltham Park from Homestead Road and followed the river past the Rosanna Golf Course then doubled back the way we came and headed east along the river and followed it through to Mullum Mullum creek until we reached the old Hill Climbing track in Templestow.
Never even heard of the Templestowe Hill Climb... apparently it was huge 'In the day'
After attempting the hill climb at first on our bikes and then struggling to even walk up it! I had my bike in low gear but couldn't get enough weight over the front wheel to stop the bike from flipping! (A Hill Climb is a motor sport race where people attempt to achieve the fastest time driving a car up an impossible grade/hill)

We headed back again toward Lower Eltham Park. About half way along the track we pulled into Petty's Orchard for a coffee... or two and a yarn. 

Swing Bridge - Ruffy Trail
View from Ruffy Trail bridge
 As we crossed the final foot bridge... it was a very High bridge, we came across a couple of young blokes who looked like they'd been swimming. 

A very High bridge... What the?!
My mate and I both looked down at the water, way, way down below us! We looked at the guys on the bridge, they seemed like they'd just had the thrill of their lives, we looked at each other.... "No Way!"

 Yep they'd jumped! And they did it again. They reckon it was a three to four second fall.

This ride was about 26km

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