Monday, February 06, 2017

A creek a day 7: Plenty river again

OK, I know I've already done the Plenty River but I did intend to visit here again. There are some special places along this river I'd like to share some stories and photos of. Unfortunately I couldn't reach those parts of the river. Because of the heavy rainfall yesterday and through the night the Plenty River is swollen and flowing fast!

Plenty River with good flow of water

Pebbles Crossing, Plenty River with a decent flow of water
These photos are of a part of the river known by the ratbag local kids of my vintage as Pebbles Crossing. It is a point in the river where several tracks converge at a shallow bar in the river where the opposite bank has been cut away. 

The track we used to take through the cow paddocks is still there, it used to follow the fence line past the cattle yard and troughs and linked up with an old roughly cobbled path, we were never sure of the history of that track but the new sign they installed when the area was turned into a park calls it Cobb and Co. Track... Well that's pretty interesting! We always imagined it was used by horse drawn carts.

Cobb and Co. Track
For most of the year this is an easy place to cross the river and follow the bush track north toward what is now signposted as Janefield Ridge. It's a good steep climb up the other side but once over the creek the country changes dramatically. Thick clay and black soil gives way to a much thinner profile which barely covers a rugged quartz and shale hillside. Beyond that a volcanic igneous rock starts making an appearance.  

When I arrived at the creek I took one look and knew I would not be attempting to cross! When we were young, my mates and I used to have a lot of fun crossing when the river was high, or even in full flood! We'd try to get across with our bikes and too many times one of us would get dragged a long way downstream, bike and all. There were too many close calls! We nearly lost a few bikes at that crossing and once or twice came close to losing more than that. At my age, level of fitness and sundry adult responsibilities, with no pier pressure to inspire me into an act of utter stupidity, the decision was simple. Turn around and enjoy the civilized side of the river with it's paved bicycle paths and street signs and fresh water drinking fountains. 

As I headed back along the paved path I did get to see some pretty cool birds. 
Crested Pigeon

Red-Rumped Parrots

Rainbow Lorikeet

Boy did we have some fun back then... (Idiots!)

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