Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A creek a day 9: Diamond Creek

Quick one...
Diamond Creek, at Wattle Glen.

Caught the train to Wattle Glen. Had a serious time constraint, I arrived at Wattle Glen at 10:00am, I wanted to visit my grandparents grave in Kangaroo Ground but had to be back in Watsonia by 11:30am for an important appointment. 

It was an uphill ride most of the way I had to climb 166 meters over 7km... I pumped it! The final few hundred meters was downhill... which of course became uphill on the way home.

Diamond creek @ Wattle Glen
Before cycling up the hill I quickly ducked down to the Wilson's Rd bridge, from which I snapped off this image... Is it out of focus? To bloomin bad! 

The sign above my rear wheel advises that poison is used to kill the rabits. (Not impressed!)

Remnant bracken undergrowth huddles unmolested around tomb stones

Kangaroo Ground cemetery is a very quiet and special place. A nice spot to sit and mull over the great questions of life and death while surrounded by the most beautiful views of the foothills surrounding the Yarra Valley. Unfortunately time didn't permit such luxuries on this occasion, but I did take a moment for a walk around before getting back on my bike.  

Gan Gang checking out a nesting site
Gang Gang coming to say hello
This ride came with a great reward! Gang Gangs! My favorite bird and a bird my grandmother had told me the most amazing story about. (no time here for the story) There were about half a dozen Gang Gang cockatoos searching nesting hollows in the large eucalypts near the cemetery. The best way I think I can describe these birds is Delightful! 

Wild forest folk sculpted in pine
So anyway... 'Whatever goes up, Must come down'. After a brief rest I needed to turn around climb the hill to Eltham War Memorial Park (and fire lookout tower) before taking the fast track back to Eltham proper. What a ride! I don't know how long it took me but I think the distance was nearly twice as far and I must have done it in half the time! I was flying! Cars couldn't pass me on the windy roads... not because I was in their way but because they had to brake for the bends! 

Got home easily by 11:00am! 

Thank you Very Much!

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David J said...

What a day! After getting home and attending to some legal matters with the family I jumped on a train and made my way to Sandringham Station. One of the things I wanted to do most on this trip was to visit Black Rock (Half Moon Bay) beach and swim out to the old naval ship HMVS Cerberus. It was hot, about 35 C. Being a week day the crowd was not huge, perfect day for a dip in the bay. If I get time I'll write about this place later. Probably not of much interest to anyone else but just for my own memories.