Sunday, July 30, 2006

Brief rundown of Show day weekend

On Friday I went for a quick rider around a small nature reserve not far from where I live called Holmes Jungle. I thought it was time I explored a bit deeper into the unknown area that lies beyond the creek. It is an amazing habitat out there. When you enter the reserve your are in open woodland and venture through a little bit of savannah, heading down hill alongside a natural watercourse you find yourself at a permanent creek that supports a whole other ecosystem and the palms and riparian plants. This ‘Jungle’ greets you like you’re walking into a living wall and the difference is immediate as soon as you step into the jungle it is cooler, darker and more humid than the area outside.
It is such a contrast when you cross the river and find a totaly treeless expanse of water weeds and reeds! The are surrounding my bike in this photo is completely saturated. I started riding along what I thought was a track and found that I was actual riding across floating reeds that had woven themselves into a kind of natural mat. I didn't want to damage the area and had no chance of riding across it but it was quite a surprising spot to stumble into. The track I returned on was also interesting the ground was sandy and there was totally different vegetation to what I'd passed on the way in.

bike in grass

Went to Royal Darwin show on Saturday morning to see Play school 40th anniversary concert. We got there bright and early for the 9:30 show but had our times mixed up and it actually started at 11:30 so we met up with a Gillian and Amy with a couple of their friends and took the girls on a few rides.
The Play school performance was great! I sat with the kids and ate Boston bun with a cup of tea and was thoroughly entertained by Karen Pang, my favorite Play school host of all time! She is awesome and has an amazing energy that zips out and totally captivates the children, and me. After the performance the kids went straight up to her and gave her a big hug! Unfortunately Jay wasn't there but Teo did a great job too.

Oh and there will be no photos of the show because our new 2nd hand camera wouldn't work! So we got one trial roll out of it and that was all. Total cost. Camera $10, Battery $10 Developing $16 (half hour express) Roll of film $4 Total $40!

After Play school we quickly went home packed the car then headed off for tumbling waters; again. It's really great spot and it's beginning to feel a bit like home for us as we've already been about three times this year. I may leave the tent set up permanently there and we'll make it our weekend home. It was fairly cool last night, even with two sheets and a thick sleeping bag over us!

On the way home we stopped in at the berry springs nature park and went for a swim. The water was clear and warm. It was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning and we may do that again next time also.

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