Sunday, July 23, 2006


While at the Nightcliff market this morning Sam and I went and had a look at the 2nd hand bookshop. We found a few books of interest but there was also a pocket camera that I wanted so we had to choose between one of the books and the camera. Before I knew what was happening Sam had already bought the camera! She knew I wanted a new one since our digital camera had blown up. What a champion!
The camera is a Samsung VEGA 77i. I managed to find a couple of reviews on the internet that recommended it and mentioned that it had a good lens. The camera was $10 and I had to get a battery which also cost $10. Hopefully It will see us through until we can afford another digital one.

Finally my photos have been developed. I'd almost forgotten what they were of. I took nearly a whole roll when we were at Litchfield 2 weeks ago.

My daughter and I went for an early morning walk and were lucky enough to see some beautiful birds. Here are some of the birds we saw.

Red-winged Parrots

red-backed wren
Red-backed Wrens (Female or a male in non-breeding colours, I can't tell.)

Black kites
Black Kites

We also managed to get pretty close to some Agile Wallabies, these ones are pretty wild so they took off when we got too close. It was great to see them in a more natural setting than out in an open padock somewhere.

Agile wallaby

I remember I did have some film left after that trip so wandered down to a burned patch of bush behind the Uni where I saw heaps of Red-tailed Black cockatoos.

red-tail black
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

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