Sunday, July 09, 2006

Litchfield Park...

This weekend we managed to escape Darwin and made a trip to Litchfield National Park. Leaving Darwin at midday on Saturday we still had time to visit the Adelaide River War Memorial and do the short walk to Tolmer falls lookout before heading to Wangi Tourist Park. The camp ground is in a really nice location about 5 km past Wongi Falls and the facilities are quite clean.
It is a pretty time to be travelling around in the Top End. The whole country is absolutely covered in blossoms and flowers of one type or another! While out there we saw 100s of Lorikeets feasting on the Grevilleas that were in flower, at dusk when the Lorikeets were departing for their nightime roosts, the flying foxes moved in to enjoy the feast.

Grevillea and Turkey bush

Dana and I went for an early morning walk and saw lots of Agile Walabies along with a great variety of birds including some Red-backed Fairy-wrens (not in breeding colours), Forrest Kingfishers and Red-winged Parrots which we were able to get fairly close to. The scent of nectar was thick in the air so we soon found ourselves sampling the delicious nectar and flowers of the Fern-leaved Grevillea (Grevillea pteridifolia). MMmm delicious!
This morning we all went to Wangi Falls and did a short walk, starting at the pool, climbing the escarpment (by stairs) we then crossed the river and returned via the other side of the pool. Along the way we came across the 39km loop walk, which I'd like to do over a couple of days. This one includes some bush camping and crosses some more remote country on the escarpment.
We also saw 3 Partridge Pigeons at the side of the road which was a real treat, hopefully Sam got a photo of one of these on my Canon EOS 630. The digital camera is working intermittently and is very unreliable!

Above Wangi Falls

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