Friday, July 21, 2006

Camera, Cool Mob and canoes

Time has been slipping away as usual and I haven’t had much to add to the blog but I thought I’d better make an effort just to keep it ticking and to move some of those pictures down the line so the blog won’t take so long to load!
I’ve had more camera problems! Out of two rolls of film I put in to be developed last week one came back blank and the other hasn’t returned at all! I’ve gone to collect them 3 times this week and have been disappointed every time. What a bummer!

Cool Mob

We got the results from our energy audit the other day and came out with a fairly low carbon count, however it counted our family as three people that means that our 2-year-old daughter is counted the same as an adult. This would bring the carbon count per person down a bit because she doesn’t use anything herself and doesn’t yet own her own car. So I guess if we could keep our count down to the level it is at we should be managing ok. It’s still a lot of carbon use though Tons every year!
The audit was well worthwhile and we received a 12-page document that addressed our current situation in detail, and offered energy saving solutions. Sam has already started to implement some of the suggestions.

10 Canoes

There was a documentary on last night called ‘Making 10 Canoes’. I can’t wait to see the film while it’s still screening in Darwin. I missed the premiere and was even more disappointed when I saw friend’s photos of the night! It must have been a proud moment for the actors to be publicly acknowledged in Darwin, a place where they might otherwise have been asked to move along. Here's a link to the web site:
Of course anything that isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster doesn’t get much of a run at the cinemas here, even if it is an acclaimed local production! The documentary was very good, but was another reminder of how little we see of indigenous society in the media. It was a great example of how a little respect can go a long way when it comes to improving our relationships with other people. I can’t help imagining what this place might be like if we sought to encourage and value the practice and continuation of other cultures.
While I'm on the subject of Indigenous culture I thought you might like to check out US MOB it is a great interactive website that allows you to venture into the world of some central Australian kids who do a great job of telling their story.

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