Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday weary Sunday

We survived another Territory day... just. It's been a pretty gruelling weekend with both my wife and daughter sick, and the dog freaking out over the continual explosions. Our sleep was interrupted by periodic explosions loud enough to rival a 21 (big) gun salute!
We managed to go and check out a house for sale and found as with every other house we've seen it was well beyond our means. The sad thing is that it was at the lowest end of the market which has been steadily and dramatically increasing for the at least the past 5 years. I don't have the statistics at hand but the cost of housing would have increased by over 100% in that time! Now is the time to say IF ONLY! While I think of all the opportunities I'd passed up before.
It's a good time to get spiritual and nothing brings me closer to God than realizing my security is in jeopardy! (Even if it is only my financial security!) :)
Good time in deed to focus on the real stuff of life. So I went outside (the rental unit I live in) this afternoon and planted some tomato and basil seeds. While out there I heard the sound of Double Barr finches calling. Looking round I eventually found them high in a Carpentaria Palm. On closer inspection I found they actually had a nest up there (it seemed a bit high for a finch nest). It wasn't long before I had shed all my worries about the highly inflated, fat cat investor driven property prices and had re-focussed on something real and beautiful. Houses are too inconsequential and impermanent to warrant a lifetime of debt and worry. Beauty is so much greater than that!


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