Saturday, July 01, 2006

The revolutionary NYC cyclists

While browsing some great New York City bicycle culture blogs like Bikeblog I came across this article on a philosophy/concept/theory called 'Social Capital' at a blog called The Oil Drum: New York City."Helping New Yorkers understand, prepare and adapt to the implications of Peak Oil"
This site dares to consider the social implications of an economic collapse due to the inevitable and dramatic increase in the price of oil.
I like their alarmist approach to this situation. Why? Because there is cause for alarm!
Anyway that is kind of getting away from my point. The concept of Social Capital is probably not a new one but it is something that appears to be totally lacking from the ideologies of todays political leaders, at least in this country. It is definitely a term that I have never heard mentioned from the Australian media or politicians. So if you're interested to know what it is click on any of the URLs above and you can find out a bit more.
There seems also to be a culture of bicycle activism that expresses such a social conscience that presents a strong argument against the status quo that favours cars over people on urban or city streets.
These guys are revolutionary! Their blogs describe what it is like to be a cyclist in a hostile city environment where there is little consideration for cyclists or pedestrians and cars have right of way regardless of the harm they cause! How we travel must have some bearing on our thinking and our connectedness to others and these guys make a clear point that cycling is the more enlightened way to go...

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